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Microblading Training Provider

The microblading industry has exploded in recent years, driven by international brands and a wide range of specialist clinics offering new training courses. We help you find the right training provider to suit your needs and your budget.

The microblading industry is extremely competitive. Most towns and cities have a large number of microbladers to choose from, so technicians have to work hard to build their reputations and win customers. Quality microblading training, complete with authoritative certifications, has never been more important.

Training options include large international brands, and are joined by hundreds of independent artists who have perfected their technique and now teach others to perform microblading.

The quality of training is generally high, however in a booming market it is very important to choose carefully, as many trainers unfortunately view courses as a money making scheme first and foremost, with students reporting poor learning experiences and a lack of post-training support.

Is microblading permanent?

All microblading training courses listed on Team Micro are headed by reputable brands and providers, or have sufficient skill and experience to teach their methods to new students. We believe that quality training leads to quality results, and makes it much easier and safer for new artists to grow their businesses with confidence.

Certifications vary from one class to the next. All offer in-house certificates while others are accredited externally by different bodies. Also check carefully if any specific accreditations are required by your local authority, and also check if there are any specific requirements imposed by your insurer.

Remember that microblading is a career, so is worth investing time and money in to give you the best chance of success. Being able to handle a variety of situations unaided is very important in this business, so a thorough training program with responsive post-training support is a must to ensure your clients get great results, and you can feel good about the treatments you’re providing.

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