A perfectly groomed eyebrow can have a pretty dramatic impact on your facial characteristics. A decent brow line will completely lift your looks owing to the fact that they provide definition and structure along with an overall frame to your features. Of course, they’ll also make you feel a million dollars & none of us can complain at that. But all that tweezing, the painful waxing that leaves you with that damned awful red smear for the rest of the afternoon post-salon visit. It’s just so inconvenient and time-consuming… which is why the microblading industry is taking the world by storm.

Microblading has rapidly become a household name, one could make the declaration that the brow business is nothing short of booming. So what’s the deal with microbladed brows, why is it so popular? Well, if we really examine the benefits of microblading it’s easy to see why it’s so much in vogue right now.

A predominant draw towards Microblading is it feels accessible to everyone & it’s generally affordable. However, it’s more than that. Microbladed eyebrows are one of the only awesome “one hit” (almost), non-chemical, long-lasting cosmetic procedure that doesn’t require surgery. It also doesn’t depend on crazy incisions or hospital stays with debilitatingly long “days off work” type aftercare procedures. The idea of owning a pleasing & natural looking brow line that’s pretty much zero maintenance sounds wholly inviting – and given its theoretical simplicity, it is.

Really bad eyebrows
A really bad example of microblading. Work like this is not too common but it does happen

When you read the above, you can completely see why it’s burst onto the scene with such force. But what happens if it all goes horribly wrong? Because believe it – it really can. Just see this recent article by Allure.com.

What if you end up on the villainous side of the street with your microblading procedure? Given that your eyebrows are a decidedly prominent visual zone on your face they are exceedingly difficult to disguise on a daily basis should you not be happy, post-procedure. And in addition, if you look at the longevity side of microblading results you could be suffering for a considerable period of time before everything gets put back together, if it can be put back together at all, that is. Choosing the right artist is more than crucial because if it all goes amiss the impact on your life will be decidedly devastating.

So what can go wrong with microblading? What pitfalls are attached to this non-invasive, relatively modern and increasingly popular cosmetic treatment?

  • First out of the gate has to be the most obvious one, infections. Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last few decades you’ll all be aware of blood born pathogens, or viruses and bacterias. Your skin is a barrier and the minute that barrier is broken you run the risk of infections.
  • Your technician implants pigments too deeply underneath your skin which will mean it’s trapped. Microblading is a procedure that hits only the first layering of your skin, known as the Epidermal layer, and should just lightly skim the very top of the dermis layer. If the implant is placed too deeply you are receiving a permanent makeup treatment – not one that fades over time. Owing to pigments implanted, if it becomes trapped, not only is it permanent, it can also change shade or oxidize.
  • A straightforward yet extremely uncomfortable and possibly irreversible allergic reaction to pigments used. In theory, if the pigment is organic you shouldn’t receive a reaction to it. However, if you find yourself on the darker side of microblading and the technician uses non-organic pigments, should you experience a reaction, even with laser removal there will be some particles that will still remain. The possible outcome is years of misery, itching and uneven hives.
  • And finally, one of the worst possible scenarios, a badly designed and badly implanted eyebrow. Removal is a painstakingly slow and laborious process given that it’s in a delicate zone on your body. Additionally, removal isn’t always a resounding success – particularly if you’ve not got a decent amount of dollars to pay for the remedial treatment required.

We do understand that the above is slightly pessimistic but it’s pivotal to understand that whenever you embark on such a visual procedure, you also understand the dark side of it. But on the upside, once you grasp how professionally performed microblading works and you’ve received the correct treatment you’ll ask yourself why you waited so long.

a microblading procedure in progress
A microblading procedure in progress

So where do you begin with achieving your brow goals? Surely it’s just down to choosing the right technician? However, finding one that’s not only properly trained but also sufficiently so isn’t an easy feat. It’s not a heavily regulated trade so doing your homework is vital. Your chosen technician should not only be passionate about the work involved, they should also be suitably creative and artistic to be able to administer treatment accordingly.

So here goes – an ultimate check-list for choosing your microblading tech? What verifications do you need to make when you walk into a clinic?

  1. First and foremost, whenever you enter into a microblading clinic you should feel 100% at ease. Microblading is a very personal thing. You need to be able to get your point across and sensibly communicate your desires to your technician – your #browgoals must be met!
  2. Again on the note of feeling welcome in any given clinic, you also need a sensible technician. If your own brow goals are ridiculous they need to have the gumption to tell you it’s a crazy idea. On the other hand, you also don’t want to be forced into your technician’s idea of your perfect brow. An ability to communicate has to be a two way street with common sense being the determinant.
  3. This one should go without saying… does the clinic appear to be sterile and spotlessly clean? If you feel uncomfortable with the standard of hygiene then you need to do a U-turn immediately. If you’re comfortable with the clinics standard of cleanliness, this is already a great thing. However, you are completely within your rights to ask if they use new needles that are packaged, sealed & fully sterile for each microblading treatment performed.
  4. Each microblader will have a portfolio of works already carried out. Ensure that you see the portfolio of the individual technician who will be creating your own brows & not a general clinic portfolio. You are building a relationship with the technician moreover than the clinic itself. Before and after photos will be available and you’ll be able to get a good idea of their own particular skills from this.
  5. Ask your chosen technician to sketch your brows out in makeup before you run headlong into the microblading procedure. This will enable you to make a sensible skill evaluation beforehand. Once your eyebrows have been sketched, walk away from the clinic and see how they feel before jumping feet first into the treatment itself.
  6. Make a list of questions for your technician about anything and everything – even if you feel like you’re asking stuff that’s just a little dumb. They should be able to answer every question at the blink of an eye. A fully trained and qualified microblader will know the industry like the back of their hand. Ask about your eligibility & compatibility to skin type, the aftercare procedure and also the expected fading times.
  7. And finally, at any given time if you feel at all uncomfortable with any part of the conversations you’re having, the hygiene standards, the creative and artistic integrity of your technician, you have the right to politely decline their services. Don’t feel pressurized into going ahead with microblading your eyebrows if you’re not comfortable with the clinic.

Before you take a stroll down the microbladed eyebrow boulevard it’s crucial to know that microblading is an extremely accessible procedure. However, so is the option of training to become a microblading technician. Regulations surrounding the industry are not as stringent as those surrounding the permanent makeup or tattoo scene as microblading is not deemed indelible. This means that verifying your chosen technician is properly certified is a complex business. Reputation is often the safest route to take. Do your homework, check out their testimonials on social media sites, ask a friend if they can recommend, you know the drill!

Brows have now become big business & microblading is nothing short of a household name and it extends right across the globe. It’s a treatment that produces natural results and can seriously benefit a multitude of people for many many reasons. It’s very low-maintenance and also non-invasive and provided you are prepared for the possible need for top-up treatments every 12 months or so and you have the budget to support this you’re onto a real winner. Properly done microblading can be wonderfully rewarding & they have the ability to change your life much like that of Scalp Micropigmentation & other non-invasive cosmetic procedures. Not only will it save you a ridiculous amount of time in your life, the long-lasting effect of neatly microbladed brows, when correctly done, is simply breathtaking.

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